First Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 2

Last Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 8


Deceased (killed by other monkeys)

Meaning of Name


Shougun is the leader of the monkey clan. He is very evil and will kill anyone, even those of his own clan who stands against him. He feeds on puppies and small monkey babies. When he tries to eat a baby monkey Lucas,Kyouhei and Drew's group attacked him.He kills many of Drew’s wolves  by swinging his axe through them. However, he looses his axe and now only has his body to fight with. Shougun gets badly wounded and is forced to jump off a cliff to save his life. Here he holds on to the cliff side and waits.He gets his axe back from one of his minion and as a thank you, he kills him with it. Shougun is now surrounded by dogs and tries to climb up the cliff where there seem to be less of the enemies. But up here, Shougun is thrown down by Lucas and Drew. Shougun continues to fight but not hard enough. He is killed by the monkeys.