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Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 1

Max is the little brother of Bianca, one day he ran away of home causing Bianca worried and look for him.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Max is first saw when he was hiding of Red and his friends, but he was caught, Red told him tha
Max wolf13

Max in his wolf form

t they will not hurt him, hearing that Max was a little happy, he told them that he was lost, Red told him that he can stay with them, Max gadly accepts, then he saw Bianca with two others boys, they present themselves, and he was reunited with his sister, when Black told them that he was accopaint them, Bianca bluses and accepts, Max thought that she was falling in love. When they arrived Blacktold them that they need to be becarful, then he leaves, Bianca whispered his name and Max told her that she was in love making Bianca blushes more. Then he saw the news of his owners that a giant monkey killed a female dog,Max worried ran to Bianca and tells her,then they managed to escape form their owner to tell Red and the others. When they arrived, he and Bianca told them,Red told them that they need to stay at home until they take care of him, Max and Bianca nodded their head and wish them look before they leave and came back to their home. Days passed and he with her sister were taking a walk until they pumo into Lyra at first he doesn't remember her neither Blue and the others,but soon as they told him that they were raised in the same kennel,he remembered it. Later he told them that they have meet Red and his group and told them that Bianca has big crush on Black,but Bianca told him that he loved him as a brother,then they decided to visit them. In the forest Max was scared since they got lost,to his horror they saw dogs coming out of the bushes surrounding them,soon they meet the leader of the group Hougen who told them that he wanted to have pups with her. To his horror Hougen looked at him,he told his soldiers to kill him,now he was picked up by 2 dogs and was taken away from his sister Bianca. Later the dog and wolf were arguing to decided who will kill Max. Max took the opportunity to transform into wolf and escape. Fortunately he finds Red and his group,MAx told them about Hougen and that he kidnapped his sister and the girls and that Hoguen will mate with them. That made the guys furious,Red told him to stay here with Barry and Ash. After Red and the others left,Max introduce himself to Barry and Ash who gadly presented their names too.Barry told him that they will be his bodyguards and Max thanked them.