Crystal HGSS Adventures2

Meaning of Name

Follower of Christ




Deceased (illness)


Drew Kenny and Joe (sons)





First Appearance


Kris is very kind and loyal.She is not very strong physically, but she is very brave and worries about the others. She loved Ethan greatly.She was very charismatic.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Kris was Ethan's mate, when she first meet Ethan she was trapped in a snare. When Ethan approached her, she thought of him as a wild and dangerous wolf and bites him in self defense. After being released from the snare by him, Ethan takes her back to her owner. However, Kris can’t stop thinking about Ethan and decides to leave her owner to live with Ethan forever. Kris and Ethan eventually fall in love while she travels with him. Kris eventually got pregnant.But her happiness didn't last for long. One day before she could tell to Ethan that she was pregnant,Ethan and Kris got into a big fight that they decided to broke up making Ethan leave Kris. Now Kris was alone and pregnant as the months passed. She gives birth to 3 healthy pups one known as Drew. As the days she meet Saheji when she was sick. She was so ill that Kris told to Saheji to take care 2 of his pups including Drew, Saheji accepts and leave with the 2 pups leaving her with one pup.Days passed and its known that she died of her illness but before Kris dies she told to her son to go and search for his father(Ethan).