Meaning of Name

Fire born




Deceased(killed by Hougen)


Kris(mother)Ethan(father)Shiro(grandfather)Yamabuki(grandmother)Drew and Joe(brothers)Ethan's siblings(uncles)





First Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 10

Last Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 14

Kenny is one baby wolf who is searching for his father when his mother died.He thinks that Black is his father.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Kenny is first seen when Black and Ethan where walking until they saw a little wolf,he ask Black if he was his father,Black refuse him as his son,and leave with Ethan,Kenny tried to follow them but he tripped and fall making a little injury. Later he is seen when Ethan found him. Ethan asked him about his mother,Kenny responded that his mother was Kris that she died of illness. When Ethan told him that he was his father,Kenny was shocked but happy at the same time and he hugged him.Kenny asked him why he left his mother,Ethan responds him that he and Kris wouldn't have a future together,that made Kenny a bit sad but stills huges him.Later they were interrupted by Kyouhei who came and told them about Hougen who kidnapped the girls.That made Ethan very angry and screams that no one will mate with his Lyra,Kenny was shocked when he heard that,he thought that his father found a new mate and that made him a little bit angry,but later he was recovered when Ethan told him to go with him and Kenny accepts to go with them.When they arrived he meet Lyra,Mei,White,Dawn and May. Just when they were going to escape they meet Sniper who tried to attack Ethan,Kenny shout father,making everyone shocked,after Kyouhei kick Sniper,everyone run away but in the way the conflict between Lyra and Ethan started it,Ethan ran after her,Kenny ran to find his father.When he find him he saw his father Ethan kiss Lyra and also Kenny heard when Ethan told to Lyra that she was going to be his new mate. That made Kenny very sad and felt that Ethan betrayed his mother Kris,so he ran way with tears.Later he is seen in her mother's grave crying until he meet Bianca who was searching for his brother. Kenny explained to her his problems but she told him that her mother will not be happy if she saw him like that. Kenny thanks her and run away to find Ethan and Lyra. Later he arrives to Hougen's shelter and challenges him. After a long battle Kenny got badly wounded. Unfortunately he lost, the dogs and wolves where mocking at him meanwhile Kenny apologizes to his father and the other and close his eyes for the last time.