15 years old



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Pokémon Wolf Stories Ep 17

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Ethan(father),Kris(mother),Kenny Drew(brothers),Shiro Yamabuki(grandparents),Ethan's siblings(uncles)Saheji(adoptive father)



Meaning of Name


Joe is the middle son of Ethan and Kris. When he was born his mother Kris soon turned ill and she gave Joe and his brother Drew for Saheji to take care of. Joe, his brother and foster father move to area where they get attacked by Japanese macaques lead by Shogun. Joe gets taken away and is assumed to be dead by Drew and Saheji.

Joe in truth survived as he was saved by a human who became his master and named him Joe. Joe became a hunting dog in the mountains.Later, Joe meets Red,Black,Kyouhei,Brendan,Lucas,Barry,Ash and his father Ethan.Red tells him about Akakabuto and wants him to join his pack to help him. He refused because he hates Ethan for leaving his mother alone without assistance and runs away. Later he is seen when
Akakabuto attacked. Joe tries to attack but the bear scratched him giving him three scars on his head. After being saved by his father Ethan,Joe and Ethan argumented until his owner came and carried him to his home to heal his wounds. He then decides to help his father and the others. In the final battle with Akakabuto, Ethan shows his technique that his father taught him, Zetsu tenrou Battouga, Joe and Ethan made that tecnique injuring Akakabuto badly but even that was enough, Joe saw how many dogs died in the hands of Akakabuto angered he uses the tencnique once more this time decapitaring the bear finally killing Akakabuto. After the battle he said that he will head over to take a look over the girls.