Meaning of Name

Law of the occult




Deceased(shot by his ex-owner)






Hougen's pack(leader)

First Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 11

Last Appearance

Pokémon Wolf Stories Ep 15

Hougen is evil, cruel and power-hungry dog.He's also overly confident at the times and too sure of himself and his own plans. In battle, he is very strong and skilled fighter. Though he seems to have at least some sense of honor, he uses very cruel, humiliating and unfair ways of dealing with his opponents. He wants to break his opponent both physically and mentally. He is certainly sadistic and even disgusting in nature, doing nasty things like sitting and urinating on the dead.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Hougen appears when his minions captured Blue and her friends,he told them that they will have pups with him. He looks at Max who was very close to Bianca so he thought that Max was Bianca's cub so he told his minions to grab him and kill him. Bianca beg to him for not kill his brother and lets them free. Hougen didn't care and told Bianca that he will have pups with her including Blue,May,White,Dawn,Lyra, and Mei. So he with his minions took Blue and her friends to his shelter to mate with them.In his home Hougen told to a wolf to bring one of the girls to mate,then the wolf brings Blue. Hougen happily asked her if she was ready,of course Blue said no,just when Hougen was going to starts Red entered by a window preparing to fight him.Hougen was preparing to fight Red but a wolf came and told him that the females escaped,he orders to capture them again,when he looks back Red escaped with Blue.Angry he orders to make an attack on them: Later a wolf name Kenny came and challenge him.He fought Kenny long and hard in the battlefield. Hougen unfortunately won killing Kenny. After he killed Kenny he and his pack went to Red's place.When they arrived he screams to challenge Red but Black challenges him. Hougen told them that he had killed Kenny,making everyone schoked and angry.Hougen and Sniper tries to fight Black but he lost. Wounded for the fight with Kenny he has no option but run away.In the process he sees his ex-owner and Hougen attacks towards the man but he shoots him several times, finally killing Hougen.