Yukimura Spine

Meaning of Name





Deceased (killed by Shogun)


Saheji(adoptive father) Joe and Kenny(brothers)Kris(mother) Ethan(father) Shiro(grandfather) Yamabuki (grandmother) Ethan's siblings(uncles)

First Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 3

Last Appeareance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 8

Drew is a wolf who appeared in the series,when he was little his mom was sick to take care of him and his 2 brothers, so she told to Saheji to take care two of his pups in the way they were attacked by monkeys and for the consecuences is that they took his brother and his father got parylized.  Later its reveal that he was Ethan's son and his mother was Kris.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

He is first seen when Kyouhei,Brendan and Lucas were beaten by monkey but

Drew in his wolf form

soon Drew show up at time with his pack and killed them, he meet them and presented himself, he told them they can rest in his home so he with his pack guide them to his house.When they arrived he presentes his father Saheji, who can't walk,then they went outside and a monkey appeared that told them about the monkey Shogun, but Drew doesn't agree to help because when they were Little, he and his brother were attacked by monkeys and his father protect Drew meanwhile the monkeys took his brother,then he fights with Lucas telling him that he never is going to help.After the fight he still doesn't want to help, in the night he tolds his comadres that he will search for them. In the morning he found Brendan,Drew told them to not trust the monkey but Brendan told him that the monkeys doesn't have the fault leaving Drew thinking, then Lucas and Kyouhei arrived Drew told them about the monkeys, but they disagree when they leave Drew was thinking until his father Saheiji tolf him to go and help, and finally he decides to help but Saheiji told him that he wasn't his real father,after Saheiji told him who was his real father he got schoked.Then he went to help Lucas and the others. They battled Shogun for hours, in the battle Shogun stabs Drew in his stomach with a sharp branch. Badly wonded he uses his special attack to injure Shogun while the remain monkeys killed him. Drew dies shortly for his wound.