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Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 1

Bianca is a female who can surprisalely can transform into a wolf, like his brother Max. She has a crush on Black.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Bianca is first seen when Lucas and Black found her, when they free her, Bianca present herself as the same as Lucas and Black, she told them tha she is searching for his brother Max, they agree. When they take her to their
Bianca wolf9

Bianca in her wolf form

home she saw Max and huge each other, then she talked to Red and the others. After that she and his brother were leaving until Black told them that he will accopain them, Bianca accepted blushing,when they arrived home, Black leaves them, Bianca just keep seeing him leaving and she whispered his name.Later she was thinking about Black, Max ran toward her and told her that a giant monkey killed a dog,Bianca worried about Black and the others,decided to escape from his owner with Max to tell them after escaping, they arrived and told them about the giant monkey,Red told them to stay at home until they defeat him,Bianca nods her head and wish them look especially Black and she leave with Max to her home. Later they were walking at the city when she bump into Lyra, the girls asked her if she remembers them,Bianca tolds them
that yes since they got raised at the same kennel.Later Bianca told them about Red and the others,to her surprise Blue and the others already meet them. Then they decided to visit them,but the got lost in the forest,to her horror she with the girls and her brother were surrounded by a group of wolves,until his leader showed himself,they meet Hougen one big dog telling them that he wanted pups with them,the wolves took Max away form Bianca, leaving her with the rest of the girls,Bianca was desesperate to find her brother,but they were carried to Hougen's house. In Hougen's house,Bianca was worried about his brother,Mei told her that he had escaped and that he will bring the boys,until a wolf came and ask Blue to go with Hougen,but Bianca told him that she will go but not vail.When Blue leave,Bianca and the others where worried about her.Later she was rescued by Black and the others,she was very glad to see the guys.But then they meet Sniper who tried to attack Ethan,making Kenny scream dad,Bianca and the girls where shocked.After Kyouhei defeated Sniper,they ran away but Lyra yells at Ethan and runs away,Ethan ran after her including Kenny.When they arrived they encounter Blue and Red in the house.Bianca stayed in the house thinking about her brother Max.