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Ash tree










Red's pack

First Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 10

Ash is one of the wolves who relcute Ethan for the fight with Shogun,he and Barry were one of the wolves who survive the fight.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Ash with Barry were searching for Red and the others when they find them they asked them if they remember them so they told that they were one of the survivors of the battle with Shogun and they left their owners to join them. Red and the others gladly accepted them in their pack. In the way Ethan and Black went for walk but Ash saw the sadness of Ethan so the guys told about Drew being the son of Ethan,Ash was so shocked but Red tolds them a great discussion to all of them meanwhile they were walking. In home they were waiting for Ethan and Black. Black told them about Kenny and explained that maybe was Ethan's son since Kenny was searching for his father,Ash with the group told to Ethan to go and search for Kenny to know if he was his son.Later Ash meet Max who came because Hougen have kidnapped his sister and the girls,Red was very angry towards Hougen.Red told to Ash and Barry to take care of Max. When Red leaves with the others Ash and Barry presented themselves

Max was surprised how angry Red and the others were. Ash told him because Max told them that Hougen will mate with the girls,later Ash and Barry presented themselves.After Hougen's
Silver wolf15

Ash's Wolf form

death, Ash and the pack saw Black running telling them he saw Akakabuto. Then Red and the others including Ash went to the girls house to tell them that they are gonna leave. In the way they saw a wolf name Joe who resulted to be Ethan's son. Ash and the pack decided to leave them alone for a moment. When Ash and the pack came back,Red ask him if it went well, Ethan told them more or less.