Akakabuto's group (leader)

First appearence

Pokémon Wolf Stories Ep 14

Last appearence

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 23


Deceased((Decapitated by Joe)




Many unnamed females

Meaning of Name

Red Helmet


12 years old

Akakabuto in Pokémon Wolf Stories Ova 1Edit

Akakabuto has been causing trouble by attacking and consuming the farmer's cattle and soon starts to attack humans. The hunter, Takeda Gohei starts to hunt the bear together with his wolf Shiro. On a hunt Akakabuto attacks Takeda Gohei and the other hunters causing all of them to die except Takeda Gohei who loses his left ear. Akakabuto and Shiro fight and Takeda Gohei does his best to protect his dog by shooting Akakabuto's right eye out, which also causes the bear a brain damage. Shiro sees no other option than to push Akakabuto and himself down a valley. Akakabuto survived this while Shiro did not.

Pokémon Wolf StoriesEdit

He first appeared when Black was standing in a rock.Later he appears at the top of a mountain when Ethan and Joe were. He tried to kill Joe but failed.After that he walks away. After weeks, Akakabuto was attack by Red and his pack. Akakabuto didnt fall too easy, he gave a hard fight killing many dogs including Akatora, until Joe made the zetsu Tenrou Battouga slashing Akakabuto's head off, thus killing the demon bear.

Finally, after Akakabuto's death, his reign of terror is over.